The DCT Lens is a revolutionary smart contact lens which will record IOP profiles over 24 hours. The IOP varies greatly with the time of the day (intracranial pressure correlates for instance with IOP) as well as with human activity. Glaucoma medication may work differently during night and day. This is why IOP measurement over 24 hours is crucial for the diagnosis of glaucoma because it enables early prediction and detection of early signs of glaucoma.

The DCT Lens will be used additionally to usual tonometry when anomalies in the glaucoma routine, like e.g. baseline IOP measurement or treatment changes, are given.

The DCT Lens directly measures the IOP, the clinical relevant parameter in contrast to other available contact-lenses which indirectly generate an IOP value based on sensors that measure radius changes.

  • True IOP control over 24 hours
  • True IOP record over 24 hours
  • Lens fits well and moves with the eye
  • First prototypes available
  • For glaucoma detecton at a very early stage

The earlier glaucoma is detiected, the more efficient will be the patient therapy.