Tonography is a continous measurement of IOP over a set period of time. This allows for the use of Pascal to be billed in some countries.

USA Category III CPT Code 0198T

Measurement of ocular blood flow by repetitive intraocular pressure sampling, with interpretation and report

Our customers have reported that some US-carriers reimburse for CPT 0198T. But it is up to each insurance carrier to determine the amount they choose to reimburse or whether they will reimburse at all. To support the process of getting a ruling on reimbursement, claims for reimbursement should be submitted to carriers.

On the other hand, practitioners may bill their patients for the procedure. The amount they charge is at each doctor's discretion. To obtain payment from patients, you should have the patient sign an advance beneficiary note (ABN) prior to performing the procedure. 

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In Germany procedures that are covered by the patients themselves and not by an insurance carrier are called Igel procedure. Most screening procedures, such as a Pascal measurement that is incorporated into the general eye examination for glaucoma, are Igel procedures in Germany.

The benefit of PASCAL’s accuracy, displaying OPA and elimination of the risk of cross-infections due to non-sterile sensor caps, easily compensates the extra costs for the patient. This is the reason why Pascal is a well accepted Igel procedure.